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Monday, September 3, 2012

Art and Toys Exhibition Berlin

If you think you have seen toy collections or ‘collections’ in general, you will need to reboot your system after experiencing this exhibition. You have seen nothing yet… 

From 26 May to 16 September 2012, me Collectors Room Berlin will be presenting the collection of Selim Varol. The exhibition will thus mark a return to an essential leitmotif of the foundation: the theme of collecting and the passion of the collector. The 39-year-old collector from Düsseldorf with Turkish roots has been collecting toys since his childhood and owns one of the largest collections of figurines in Europe, numbering some 15,000 pieces. A further focus of his collection lies in works by artists who trace their origins back to street art and ‘Pop Surrealism’. One characteristic shared by all the works in this collection is the close link between art and the everyday, as well as their often playful and humorous or subversive character.
We went to the show last sunday and what we saw,pictures and amount of art there went beyond our expectations.The exhibition is still running for the next two weeks so you should better hurry and check this out.

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